William George LAYTON , 19151978 (aged 62 years)

Australian Army Crest
William George /LAYTON/
Given names
William George
Number of marriages

From the 1943 Commonwealth Electoral Roll it would appear that William was not married and residing at 316 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. His occupation was a textile dyer.

There is this marriage registration, but it has been discounted:



It seems that William had a long term relationship with Nancye Yvonne REICHENBACH and they had at least daughter who had one son named Tadhg Sheehan. Tadgh sent me an email on 10 January 2020. Here is a portion of the email:

"What's really impressive to me is that you've got more info on both my great grandmother and also my grandfather than I had. Hence why I'm not saying that my great grandmother was definitely older ‐ only that she might've been older. I had no idea that William George had a service record. About all I know about his personal history was that he was a boxer, known around the pubs as a fighter (but I got the impression it was organized, not just brawling). I know that William James has a service record ‐ after we connected online (only a few years ago), Lindsay Layton once visited my mother, and he showed her a photo of William James. I've no idea where he found it ‐ I don't have a copy of it. But apart from having piercing blue eyes, his brows/eyes/nose/mouth looked identical to my daughter (my daughter has hazel eyes). It was staggering. From the online archives, I was able to see that William James signed up within a month of the birth of William George and death of Kathleen (i.e. 1915), was around Villiers‐Brettoneaux (but it reads that he wasn't there on the big days), and spent time in hospital with the Spanish Flu before coming home in 1919.

Further, William George wasn't ‐ to my knowledge ‐ married to my grandmother. Neither myself nor my mother have any details of Olive Mary Godwin ‐ I've not heard of her before. And my mother is unaware of any children from that marriage. My grandmother was (according to my mother's birth certificate) surnamed Rechenbach ‐ my mother being born a decade after the marriage certificate you found (we've no details on her, either ‐ except we believe her family was from Sale in Victoria). Between my mother and William George is where we lost track of family histories. My mother's early years were centred around Paddington ‐ closer to Matraville than the north side of the bridge. William George appears to have been raised by his aunt (I can't remember which one, a Layton aunt) while William James was serving, and that continued when William James returned. We don't have information between then (living with his aunt) and his life around the inner south east suburbs of Sydney during my mother's life (i.e. he was in the army, anything could've happened. We actually have similar issues around my wife's grandfather). But my mother has details from her birth to his passing in 1978."