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Heather Oldham to aus-nsw-manning. Mar 29 (6 days ago)

Hi David

My sister in law's family goes back to Melbourne and Jane Mann (nee Plaster).

Their connection is through Worthy Mann.

See below.

Kind regards Heather

Descendants of Charles Mann

Generation No. 1

  1. CHARLES1 MANN. He married HANNAH.

Child of CHARLES MANN and HANNAH is:

  1. i. MELBOURNE2 MANN, b. 1826, Tetbury, Gloucester, England; d. 1918, Stroud, NSW.

Generation No. 2

  1. MELBOURNE2 MANN (CHARLES1) was born 1826 in Tetbury, Gloucester, England, and died 1918 in Stroud, NSW. He married JANE PLASTER 29 June 1845 in Tetbury, Gloucester, England, daughter of WILLIAM PLASTER.


i. ALFRED3 MANN, b. Abt. 1846; d. Abt. 1847.

ii. FRANCES (FANNY) MANN, b. Abt. 1850; m. WILLIAM ROBERT MCCAY, 1868,Manning River, NSW..

iii. ELIZABETH MANN, b. Abt. 1852.

iv. CHARLES MANN, b. Bef. 1860; d. 1934, Taree, NSW.

v. PHOEBE MANN, b. Bef. 1860; m. RICHARD HARDY, 1873, Manning River, NSW..

vi. WORTHY MANN, b. Bef. 1860; d. 1918, Stroud, NSW; m. MARY ANN (BETH)WEEKS, 1884, Reg. Wingham..

vii. SLOMAY (SALOME) MANN, b. 1860; m. FREDERICK GEORGE RILEY, 1878, Manning River, NSW..

viii. GEORGE H. MANN, b. 1862, Manning River.; d. 1865, Taree, NSW.

ix. MARY A. MANN, b. 1865, Manning River..

x. HENRY G. MANN, b. 1866, Manning River.; m. AGNES MCBRIDE, 1893, Taree,NSW.

xi. JAMES A. MANN, b. 1869, Manning River, NSW.; d. 1899, Manly, NSW.

xii. JOHN MANN, b. 1872, Manning River, NSW.; d. 1872, Manning River, NSW..