Eliza Jane ASHBY , 18531929 (aged 76 years)

Eliza Jane /ASHBY/
Given names
Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane /WELLER/
married name
Given names
Eliza Jane
Citation details: 28 March 2007

Hi Stuart,

This email ended up a lot longer than I planned, but I found I had more info on my work PC than I realised.

Re Bathsheba's death.

They didn't make life easy for those following after. Through the generations there are a number of Bathsheba's. I've listed each (that I know of so far) below.

The first one - wife of Richard Elphick, then Thomas Mead Weller, who was born in Hawkhurst, UK.

The 2nd was the daughter of William Elphick & Mary Ann Gribble (son of Bathsheba & Richard Elphick), who was born in Queensland in 1869. I found a copies of her birth & marriage certificates on my work pc that I've attached. They were sent to me by one of her descendants from Victoria.

The 3rd was the daughter of Thomas Weller jnr. & Eliza Jane Ashby (son of Bathsheba Elphick & Thomas Mead Weller) who was born in Newcastle NSW in 1884 and died 1885. This is the one mentioned in your email.

Re the 'Patzian' listing.

Correct - this is a transcription error. I have located a descendant of Rebecca Weller (daughter of the original Bathsheba & Thomas Mead Weller) named Judith Knox who has generously shared research from her uncle - Frank Letters.

From (faulty) memory Judith's grandmother was Sophie Bastians - daughter of Rebecca Weller & Henry Bastians & she in turn married Napoleon Letters.

Trivia: Henry Bastians was Captain Henry Bastians - a mariner.