Neil McLEAN , 18461918 (aged 72 years)

Neil /McLEAN/
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In 1878, Neil (32 yrs) travelled to the Richmond River to make a land selection. He was accompanied by his wife's brother, Hugh CAMERON (47 yrs), Hugh's son Archibald (16 yrs), and their families. Archibald gives the account of their trip in his autobiography:

"We travelled from the Manning to Sydney by the ‘SS Diamintina’, staying in Sydney for a number of days, and then travelling per ‘S.S. Platypus’ to Lismore arriving there on a Sunday, 23 of June 1878. On the following day friends conveyed us by bullock team and drays to McLean's Ridges where we were fortunate to obtain accommodation until the men folk had a look about the district in search of suitable sites on which to settle."

They were met by Neil's brother-in-law William McKinnon (50yrs) who was leaving his investments in Rocky Mouth (Maclean on the Clarence River), who "travelled over from the Clarence River, also in search of land. After making an extensive inspection of land in various parts of the district; they finally decided to settle on Wilson's Creek near Boat Harbour, Neil McLean being the first to mark out his holding- This was done by blazing 3 trees on the bank of the creek, and Neil McLean applied for 200 acres starting from the blazed tree and extending towards Boatharbour. Now shown on map Parish of Lismore, Portions 210 and 158. W. McKinnon was the second to apply and he took his starting point from Neil McLean's southern boundary of 300 acres shown on map as Portions 159, 160, 232. My father Hugh Cameron applied for 400 acres, taking his starting point from the western boundary of W. McKinnon's area, but owing to the Bexhill village reserve which embraced an area on both sides of Wilsons Creek, and their boundaries of which were defined, my father could only obtain an area of 157 acres."


Hugh is a brother of Harriet.


Archibald is a son of Hugh Cameron, who was an elder brother of Harriett.


At the time of the death of his younger brother, Roderick.

The following transcription of Roderick's death certificate has been kindly provided by Phil Strong.


Qld-Transcription of Death: Roderick McLEAN:1901. Registration# 1902/530, 20058. DECEASED: Name and Surname: Roderick McLEAN Occupation: Labourer Sex & Age: Male, 48 years. Date of Death: 11 December 1901. Place of death: Caboolture District. Where born and if not born in Australia, period of residence in Australia: Hunter River, New South Wales. --------- PARENTS: Name and Surname of Father: John McLEAN Occupation: Labourer. Name and maiden surname of mother: Grace McGinmas. --------- MARRIAGE(S): Where, at what age and to whom deceased was married: -

CHILDREN: Names and ages: -

MEDICAL: Cause of Death: Supposed cerebral suffering Duration of last illness: 3 years Medical attendant by whom certified: - When he/she last saw deceased: -

BURIAL or CREMATION: When and where buried or cremated: 12 December 1901. Lawnton. By whom certified: Niklis Ebert. Name and religion of minister: D. Meihyolin, Presbyterian. and/or names of two witnesses of burial or cremation: James Connors, William Neugent

INFORMANT: Name, description or relationship, and residence : Neil McLean, Brother, Upper Pine.

REGISTRAR Name, date and place of registration: T. Bryce, 3 January 1902, Caboolture.

NOTES (if any): NIL