John WRATTEN , 17951864 (aged 69 years)

Given names

Shirlee Buckley in an email on 7 January 2017 included the following:

  1. Stephen Wratting born 1550, and died 1623, married Margaret Couch, only known child a. Stephen Wratting born 1580
  2. Stephen Wratting born 1580 and died, 1608, wife unknown, was the father of: a. Elizabeth born 1596 b. Anne born 1598 c, Jane born 1600 d. Marie born 1602 e. Stephen born 1604 died 1641.
  3. Stephen Wratting born 1604 and died 1641 married Martha Fever daughter of Nicholas
    and Martha Fever and they had one known child a. Stephen Wratting born 1632, Warbleton, Sussex, England and died 22 November 1673
  4. Stephen Wratting born 1632 and Baptised February 1632, in Warbleton, Sussex, England and died 22 November 1673 in Westfield, Sussex, England. He married Elizabeth Morley in 1657 in Warbleton, Sussex in 1657. They had seven known children: a. Stephen Wratting, born Warbleton Sussex, died 15 April 1702 in Sussex, England, married Ann Hope b. Thomas Wratting, born 1659, baptised 15 May 1659 in Warbleton, Sussex c. Martha Wratting, born 1662 and baptised 15 March 1661 in Warbleton, Sussex d. Mary Wratting, born 1664 married Henry Grill 1691 in Burmash, Kent, England e. Nicholas Wratting born 1666, baptised November 1666, Warbleton, Sussex, England and died 20 June 1753 in Sussex England. He married Mary Bradley 1723 in Penshurst,Kent f. John Wratting born 1669 and baptised 31 March 1669 in Warbleton, Sussex, England g. Richard Ratten born 1671 in Warbleton, Sussex, England
  5.          Nicholas Wratting born1666 in Warbleton, Sussex, England and died 20 June 1753 in
                     Sussex England.  He married Mary Bradley in 1723 at Penshurst, Kent, England.  Only known child:

a. Jacob Wratten born 1730. 6. Jacob Wratten was born 1730 and married Susana Taylor 5 March 1755, Lympne, Kent, England and had the following children: a. John Wratten born 1755 was baptised23 April 1755 Lympne, Kent and died 1759 and was buried 27 July 1759, Lympne, Kent, England b. Jacob Wratten born 1758 in Lympne, Kent; died 1842 Romney Marsh Reg., Kent, Eng a. Nicholas Wratten born 1761 in Lympne, Kent, England b. George Wratten born 1769 in Lympne, Kent, England; died 1856. 7. George Wratten was born 1769 and baptised 2 July 1769, Lympne, Kent, England. He married Sarah Wright 25 July 1791, Lympne, Kent. England and they had one known child a. John Wratten born 1795, Lympne, Kent; died 1864 in Uckfield, Sussex, England 8 John Wratten was born 1795 and baptised 3 May 1795, Lympne, Kent and died March Quarter 1864, Uckfield, Sussex, England. On 31 October 1818, Lympne, Kent he married Jane Newman who was born 1796, in Sussex, England. John and Jane had the following known children: a. William Wratten born c1819 and baptised 17 January 1819 in West Hythe, Kent, Eng. a. Thomas Wratten born 11 August, 1820; baptised 17 December 1820, West Hythe, Kent, England and died 22 Oct1890, Wards River, NSW b. Edward Wratten born 1822 and baptised 6 October 1822 in West Hythe, Kent, England