Minnie Jessie Alice SHAVE , 18821971 (aged 88 years)

Minnie Jessie* Alice /SHAVE/
Given names
Minnie Jessie* Alice
Family Notes

Tony Snowsill has written:

"My, paternal grandmother, Jessie Shave, daughter of a coloniser “planter”, was born in 1882 at Na Vunidala (probably Vunidawa) on the remote upper reaches of the Waimanu River, in southern Viti Levu. After the death of her father Henry, her mother, Minnie Martha Jane Shave, ran a small trading store near Vunidawa, on the Waimanu River. We cannot conceive how difficult life was in that place in the 1880s and particularly for a widow, but it says something for the kindness and tolerance of Fijian society. The area receives roughly 250 inches of rain per year with humidity rarely below ninety percent. When proceeding on foot, horse and bamboo raft, one would have to contend with numerous fords over stony river shallows. Fijian villagers gave protection and one occasion is specifically recorded of the family being called to take refuge with them during an inter-tribal war. Minnie Shave collected her children and packed valuables including her prized sewing machine, which the villagers patiently carried back to the village inside an extremely heavy trunk.

Coincidentally, in the 1950s my father, Alan (Soot) Snowsill, was responsible for the oversight of much of the construction and maintenance of the road to Vunidawa and I travelled that road several times as a child, not knowing of our family association with it."