George PLUMMER , 1811

George /PLUMMER/
Given names

Annette Urquhart has advised: "Can’t find his death but presumed lost at sea as he was a Sea-faring man. Not known to be married."


Annette Urquart has written:

"George Plummer b. 14 Nov 1811 Burton Overy, Leicestershire, England; d. circa 1860 at Sea. A researcher has it at Sulawesi, Tengah, Indonesia. I haven’t been able to find this. Little is known of George except that he was a sea‐faring man. Supposedly went to sea and never seen again after being at home and making a nuisance of himself in 1849 (letter source). It is not known if he married. Father William remarks in a letter about 1860 that he hasn't heard from George and in 1865 thinks that he must be dead as no contact has been made with him. (Both these remarks are from letters). So some contact could have been made between 1849 and 1859. One would think that if George were married, father would have been in contact with George's wife. Father William's Will instructed that it not be settled for a year in case George came back and he was to receive his share. If he re‐appeared after that time, the other recipients of the Will to decide if George received anything. George never returned. Also, if George were married one would think his wife would have made a claim. There are two pieces of paper from Plummer Real Estate, Taree, NSW, Australia, about George which are identical except for the fact that on one George is unmarried and on the other he is but no mention is made of George leaving a wife or family and no reference is ever made about them in letters. Perhaps his brothers, William or Sam gave this information as they would have known whether George was married or not. Or else a son of Samuel just assumed George was married. There is a Passport application for a George Plummer 9670 12 Aug 1858. Perhaps he went to the USA with Peter?"