Michael MOONEY , 18301887 (aged 57 years)

Michael /MOONEY/
Given names

Jennifer Bulley has written:

"I was fortunate to be able to visit Northern Ireland a couple of years ago, and found many Mooney sacred sites. I had great difficulty finding "Affinahoy" - a town mentioned in my own notes as well as on your webpage

The town turned out to be Aughnahoy (which probably sounds like Affinahoy if you say it with an Irish accent). We found many Mooney and Duffin graves there, and more Duffins still living in the nearby town, so I'm 99% certain that "Aughnahoy" is the correct name. Certainly no Irish people in the district had ever hear of Affinahoy, nor was it to be found on Google maps."


Michael and Margaret and their daughters Margaret and Catherine arrived on board the "Wascousta".