Richard SILLITOE , 18681924 (aged 56 years)

Richard /SILLITOE/
Given names

There is conjecture that Mildred Irene SILLITOE (1905-1978) whose birth was registered as occurring on 28 January 1905 to Richard and Eliza, is the daughter of Richard's brother Aaron and Louisa. Mildred, at the time of her marriage, stated her parents were Aaron and Louisa and these are the parents names included in her death registration.

Supporting this conjecture is that Richard and Eliza registered the birth of a daughter Laurel Mary Isabell SILLITOE as 13 April 1905. It is impossible to have had two children less than three months apart.

I am unable to find any relevant birth registration for a child of Aaron and Louisa around 1905. It would normally seem strange that two brothers named a child with exactly the same name. However, there is at least one other example of this in the Sillitoe families.

Perhaps Mildred is the child of someone else, was registered by Richard and Eliza and then perhaps adopted/fostered/cared for by Aaron and Louisa.