Archibald Jesse CAMPBELL , 18801960 (aged 80 years)

Campbell - Miller - Alick John and Clara Rebecca
Archibald Jesse /CAMPBELL/
Given names
Archibald Jesse
Also known as
Alick Jesse /CAMPBELL/
Also known as
Alick John /CAMPBELL/

The Pre 1860 Pioneer Register - Book 2 at 709 has this marriage occurring on 30 Dec 1911.


There is uncertainty regarding the death of Archibald. Firstly, the Pre 1860 Pioneer Register - Book 2 at 709 has his DOD as 1939 in Cooktown in Queensland. I have been unable to find a relevant death registration.

Kerry Roberts advised by email on 10 May 2016:

"I think i have found the final resting place of Archibald Jesse Campbell which is the Townsville Cemetery it is also called the Belgian Gardens Cemetery.I have the death cert of an Alick Jesse Campbell who passed away 1960 QLD and is buried at the above cemetery. I believe this is Archibald I check with the Cemetery there is no one under the name of Alick Jesse Campbell however they do have a Archibald Jesse Campbell both were buried on the 5th October 1960."

This links in with the following death registration:

1960 C5840 Alick Jesse Campbell Samuel Campbell Sarah Matiom

Kerry has now (12 May 2016) kindly forwarded to me an image of the death certificate relevant to the above registration which can be viewed here.

As expected, the parents names for Alick are the same as those contained in the above death registration. The name of his mother is spelt a little differently than MAYTOM, but this is understandable in the circumstances.

Further research can be made to try and verify the facts contained in the certificate. For example, his age at death is about 2 years out. This may not be important as he would have been 53 years old at the time he married Clara, the informant for his death registration.

Also, it appears that he might have married several times. The last being Clara Rebecca MILLER and Margaret FLANAGAN would appear to be a wife before Clara.

Here is what would appear to be the marriage registration for Clara:

1933 C3196 Alick John Campbell Clara Rebecca Miller

This time, Alick has the middle name of John. I have also found a newspaper report of this wedding which occurred on 7 Dec 1933.

However, I have been unable to find a relevant marriage registration for Margaret FLANAGAN in either NSW or Qld.

On 12 May 2016 Kerry Roberts further advised:

"Alick John Campbell married a Clara Rebecca Miller Cooktown 1933 Alick had been married before to a Margaret Flanagan one child with her a Nellie at the time of his death she was 44 years.Archibald and Clara where found on the 1954 and 1958 census Qld living together Cooktown Clara Rebecca Miller\Campbell is buried Martyn St Cairns died 1977 aged 93 years." And: "I have not found any thing on Margaret Flanagan."

I have now looked at a number of years of electoral rolls and I noted that in most of them the name Alex John CAMPBELL was used. But it interesting to note that in the 1958 electoral roll he had reverted to his birth name of Archibald Jesse CAMPBELL. In this roll it showed that he and Clara were residing in Charlotte Street, Cooktown in Queensland. Both with no occupations.

Although not certain (and is there anything certain in family history) there appears to be little doubt that Alick Jesse CAMPBELL is the same person as Archibald Jesse CAMPBELL.