Hugh McKINNON , 18551930 (aged 74 years)

Given names

The NSW Parliamentary Archives list Hugh's DOB as 1 January, 1856.

Dunmore is the old name of Largs when it was part of the Dunmore Lang estate. George Lang, the original grantee, settled with his family here in 1821, died in 1825 after getting no further than building a slab hut. A brother, Andrew, along with hisparents William and Mary, farmed the property, adding a flour mill and various buildings.


Baptism conducted by Rev. William Purves

Rev. William Purves MA, was Minister of the Synod of Australia. He entered the Church union of 1865. Moderator of the Presbytrerian Church of NSW for 1866. Died at sea 1870.


He held the position for three years. He was a Shire councillor for 22 years.


Elected as member for the Hastings & Manning electorate in the NSW Parliament.

Number of marriages

Never married


From the Nabiac web site at:

some snippets:

"In March 1894 however, Hugh McKinnon MP wrote to the Department complaining that the name of “Clarkson's Crossing” was a mistake as there had never been any family in the area named "Clarkson". In an effort to clear up the trouble, McKinnon suggested the place be called “Burnside”, after the local estate owned by John Breckenridge. This suggestion was also scrapped however; as there was already a “Burnside” in South Australia and the Department contacted McKinnon again asking him for another name. McKinnon then came up with the aboriginal term “Nabyack” (his spelling) and when this was referred to the Lands Department, they accepted the name but with a spelling of “Nabiac”. The Nabiac Post Office came into being on 1 June 1894."


"The Clarkson's Crossing School grew steadily and following Hugh McKinnon's successful efforts to change the name of the village, the school also changed its name to Nabiac on 9 July 1900. By the 1950s the school boasted a population of some 200 students in classes from kindergarten through to year nine. The secondary classes of 1970 however, were the last at the school and senior students are now bussed to high schools in Forster, Taree or Tuncurry. At present (2005) Nabiac Public School "The Best Little School… Anywhere" has a population of some 225 students and a teaching staff of 9."


"Presbyterian Church services were held at Glen Ora (the home of the McKinnons) for many years and a church was built in Krambach in 1900."

Member of Parliament for one term from 1891 until at least 1894. First President of the Manning Shire Council and held that position for three years. He was a shire councillor for 22 years.