Unknown NEWBY , 18451878 (aged 33 years)

Unknown /NEWBY/
Given names

Possibly born in New Zealand.


Her Mother Mary and her five siblings arrived on board the "Terror".

Research Notes

Patricia Hughes has written in an email of 13 September 2016:

"Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters records passengers Mrs Newby and 3 sons and 3 daughters on the 95 tons schooner Terror which sailed from Auckland on 13 April 1845, arriving in Sydney on 27 April. Mr Newby, also sailed on the Terror from Auckland on 16 June 1845, arriving in Sydney on 10 July. Obviously Mary and the children left, leaving John to settle his affairs in Auckland before sailing to join the family.

This leads us to the second “unknown NEWBY”. From the Terror passenger list, we know that Mary was accompanied by her 3 sons – (George, Stephen and William) and 3 daughters – they would have been Sarah Jane, Betsy and the third is the “unknown female”. I have not located any records whatsoever of this girl, apart from the listing on the Terror and on both John and Mary’s death records “two females deceased”. The first was Sarah Jane and the second this one. Presumably she was born sometime after William (December 1840) and sometime before Betsy (November 1844). There is no birth registration in New Zealand of Betsy, nor of another daughter of John and Mary. Presumably she died before 26 November 1848 as that is when William, Betsy, Thomas and John were baptised in the Manning River area. There is no death record, nor a burial record of this daughter. Possibly she was buried on the family property at Chatham.