Henry REEVES , 18371910 (aged 73 years)

Henry /REEVES/
Given names

It is noted on Henry's immigration document that he was 2 years of age at the time of his arrival in Australia in 1839.


John and his wife Jane and their children Noel, John, Caroline and Henry arrived on board the "Florist".


Joy Mahoney has written:

"John aged 34 and his wife Jane aged 33 with three sons, Noel 14, John 9, Henry 2 and one daughter Caroline 6, arrived in Sydney on board the immigrant ship 'Florist' on 18th October, 1839. They were protestants. John could read and write and Jane could read. Both John and Jane and their parents list their native place as Battle, Sussex, England. John was noted as a Labourer [1831, 1833, 1849] .Quarryman [1839].Welldigger [1839].John died in Canningalla near Dungog, aged 79. and is buried at Bendolba. Parents are noted as John [farmer] and Ann of Battle."