Henry Joseph DATES , 18751936 (aged 61 years)

Henry Joseph* /DATES/
Given names
Henry Joseph*
Also known as
Joseph Henry /DATES/
Other Marriages

The Pre 1860 Pioneer Register and the article in the February 2012 edition of the Valley of Rivers has a second marriage for Sarah Jane McClymont. This second marriage was to Joseph DATES.It should be noted that this marriage is not included in the Death Certificate for Sarah. It would appear that either this marriage did not occur or Sarah's immediate family did not recognise this marriage. Nor is it mentioned in the obituary for Joseph. Nor can I find a relevant entry in the NSW BDM Marriage Index.

His obituary does include the information that he left a widow, Miss McClelland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. McClelland of Nabiac. I have been unable to find any relevant registration of this marriage.