Sarah Jane McCLYMONT , 18621946 (aged 83 years)

Sarah Jane /McCLYMONT/
Given names
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane /HILL/
married name
Given names
Sarah Jane

The Pre 1860 Pioneer Register Book 1 at 356 has Sarah as the child of William Henry Ralston McCLYMONT and Annie BUTLER. This is also the information contained in the Death Certificate of Sarah. The informant was her daughter Ethel, so clearly Ethel was of the view that Annie BUTLER was Sarah's mother and not Sarah CARTER. But Ethel included that Sarah was 22 years of age when she married. This would have Sarah Born about 1865. Yet Ethel also states that Sarah was 83 years of age at the time of her death which supports her birth details shown. Also supporting her birth details shown is her stated age at the birth of her son John Alexander.


The birth certificate for son John Alexander has this marriage occurring on the 12th of December and occurring in Taree. The registered date is the 13th.

Possible Relationship

The Pre 1860 Pioneer Register and the article in the February 2012 edition of the Valley of Rivers has a second marriage for Sarah. This second marriage was to Joseph DATES.It should be noted that this marriage is not included in the Death Certificate for Sarah. It would appear that this marriage may not be for this Sarah. If it was for this Sarah then Sarah's immediate family did not recognise this marriage. Nor is it mentioned in the obituary for Joseph. Not forgetting that her death was registered as Hill, not Dates, and she was buried as Sarah Hill.


All known records indicate Sarah as being the daughter of William Henry Ralston McCLYMONT and Annie BUTLER and NOT the daughter of Sarah CARTER.


The date of death of 1945 on her headstone incorrect.


The DOD of 1945 for Sarah inscribed on her headstone is incorrect.