John Piper McCLYMONT , 18231851 (aged 27 years)

John Piper /McCLYMONT/
Given names
John Piper

An email from Jennifer Lavis:

29 January 2018 Your name Jennifer Lavis E-mail address

Hi stuart Just been informed it was williams brother John piper Mcclymont born in 1823 married mary ann o'connell and had a second wife Jane conner produced a daughter sarah Mcclymont aswell born in 1849 . The story about william having the second wife and producing a sarah mcclymont could actually be his brothers story . Not our sarah mcclymonts story

Cheers jen

This may be the birth of his daughter:

MCCLYMONT SARAH 1621/1849 V18491621 51 JOHN JANE