Joseph Peter LAURIE , 17931880 (aged 86 years)

Laurie - Joseph - 1793-1880
Joseph Peter /LAURIE/
Given names
Joseph Peter

The Pre 1860 Pioneer Register has Joseph being born in Stobo, Scotland.


At the time of the death of Joseph, his son Andrew stated that Joseph was 24 years old at the time of his marriage.


Joseph, Elizabeth and their children, Robert, Thomas, Andrew, Alexander, Joseph and John arrived on the "Herald".


Mr. Laurie, senr., has, upon his good faith in a mining speculation, at once bought 120 acres of the land on which this ore is found. Mr. Joseph Laurie [Jnr] has gone to Sydney with the specimens, for the express purpose of having them tested, and to receive full information on the subject, and should any information be given with hope of success, it is intended at once to enter into a great mining operation. This ore is not found in mere specks, but in mountains of solid mass.


Joseph Peter Laurie Snr

Joseph was born in 1793. He married Elizabeth McWhae in Scotland and they raised a family of 2 daughters and 6 sons, all born in Scotland at either Stobo ("Cheat the Beggars"), also known as the Quarry House) or West Linton. The family also lived for while at Prestonpans. One daughter died young. The other daughter, Janet, married John Higgins in Scotland and migrated to Australia in 1839 and initially settled near Goulburn. Joseph decided to follow his daughter to Australia so he and the rest of his family arrived in 1841 on the "Herald".

Joseph was employed by the Australian Agricultural Company (AA Coy) to take charge of the “Seventeen Mile” sheep station. Some of his sons were also employed. AA Coy were a major force in the colony at this point, with over 1 million acres of land in the port Stephens area alone.

Joseph Laurie was transferred to Nowendoc Station in New England in the early 1840’s and his son-in-law John Higgins took over management of “Seventeen Mile”.

The AA Coy exchanged its land at Port Stephens for Crown land beyond the ranges around 1849, and in 1850 Joseph Laurie left the AA Coy and purchased land at Rawdon Vale near Gloucester. The Rawdon Vale property was eventually passed to Alexander Thompson Laurie.

Gold was discovered in Australia in 1857 and most of the Laurie boys had some success. Two of the Laurie boys had gained experience in California in the early ‘50’s. The sons successfully discovered several goldfields in Australia.

In the late 1850’s Joseph and two of his sons Thomas and Andrew obtained the rights to Nowendoc Station from the AA Coy. Joseph Laurie’s first wife, Elizabeth (and mother to all his children) died aged about 77 in 1873 and Joseph married for a second time to Anne McLeod in 1874 when she was around 60. Anne was the aunt of one of Joseph's daughters-in-law. Joseph and Anne’s marriage was not popular with Joseph’s adult children and extended family. Joseph died in 1880.