John William Jack WISBEY , 18651942 (aged 77 years)

John William /WISBEY/
Given names
John William

Served for 3 years.


It seems that he was keen to enlist as he stated his age on enlistment as 44 and 1/12 years when he was actually 51 years old. This was the time when Australia were needing volunteers and it would appear that they turned a 'blind eye' on this matter. It also appears that they may have found out about his real age prior to his return to Australia.


Age 44 years and 1 month Height 5 feet 5 inches Weight 115 lbs Chest measurement 32 - 24 1/2 inches Complexion Dark Eyes Blue Hair Dark Religion C of E Vaccination scars left arm


Medical Report on an Invalid

Date of OIrigin of Disability - Oct 1916 Place of origin of disability - New South Wales

When he ceased work as a miner one week before enlisting he felt that he was in need of a rest.

Did not do more than 10 days training in Australia. Arrived England 29 Jan 1917, did one months training and was then sent to work in mess hut pantry and has been working there ever since.

Three months ago began to feel "rundown" and unfit for work has continued to get worse and on some days now is unable to do anything.

Opinion as to cause of the disability - Senile debility

Causes - Not due to any causes but aggravated by ordinary military service.

Present Condition - Anaemic and thin in appearance. Muscles wasted and ----- [?]. At right apex there are signs suggesting old Tb focus.


His son, Eric, appears to have applied for a pension on behalf of his father and which was rejected for the reason:

"Member's incapacity not greater than before enlistment."


At the time of Ethel's death.

Funeral Notice in Newcastle Morning Herald:

Relatives and friends of John W Wisbey of 58 Hickson St Newcastle and Messers William and Eric Wisbey are invited to attend the funeral of wife and mother Ethel Wisbey ...


Both John and Ethel were members of the St. Augustine's church choir.