Richard HARDY , 18181913 (aged 94 years)

Convict uniform as punishment
Richard /HARDY/
Given names

The headstone for Richard is inscribed that he was 116 years of age at the time of his death in 1913. This would have him born about 1797. This is apparently incorrect, as it is noted that he was 19 years of age at the time of his arrival in New South Wales as a convict in 1837.


Richard arrived on board the "Charles Kerr" which departed Spithead under the command of Captain H Arnold with J Edwards as the surgeon.


Jim Fletcher has written:

"In the cemetery at Failford is Richard Hardy's gravestone showing clearing that he was 116 years old when he died. It should be correct because he told his family he was born in 1797 and they knew that he died in 1913. However, his death certificate gave his age at death at 112, his having been in the colony 96 years. Unfortunately George told stories about his birth that were not true, to hide the fact that he had come to the colony as a convict on on the ship "Charles Kerr", Oct 1837. He was only 17 when he was convicted in September 1836 in the Old Bailey of stealing cheese and given a 7-year sentence. His true age at birth is either 93 or 94, depending on his exact date of birth which I don't have. He made up some wonderful stories connecting him to his great uncle, Captain Hardy of the 'Victory', and of 'Kiss me, Hardy' fame; and that he was related to Thomas Hardy, the novelist and poet.It's a shame it wasn't true."