James GRIFFITHS , 18161858 (aged 42 years)

Given names

The calculation of James' birth of 1816 has come from documents relating to him being a convict - stating he was 20 years old in 1836. However, this date does not agree with the age at death of 36 in 1858 given in the newspaper account of his death, nor in the registration record of his death. This would mean that he was born in 1822.


The "Moffatt" (2) departed Portsmouth on 7 May 1836 with 400 male convicts four of whom died on the voyage.

Ticket of Leave

Granted by the Commissioner of Crown Lands at Clarence River.


Michael Bruin advises that the year of their marriage was 1844. The birth certificate of their daughter, Margaret, includes the information, that James and Sarah were married on 12 December 1843. I am unable to find any relevant marriage registration.


There is a disparity between the age at death of this James and the age at the time James was convicted and transported to Australia. There is some doubt whether this is the same James.