Stanley Robert SCHUBERT , 19021967 (aged 65 years)

Stanley Robert /SCHUBERT/
Given names
Stanley Robert
Robert Stanley /WILLIAMS/
Given names
Robert Stanley

It is noted that the parents names on the marriage certificate kindly provided by Margaret Farr, are all consistent with Robert Stanley being the son of Joseph and Lucy SCHUBERT. It can be safely assumed that Lucy took the name of HADLEY when her Mother married James HADLEY.


On the 25th September 1967 W.G. Maclean J.P., coroner, deemed an inquest was not necessary.


Another researcher is of the view that Stanley changed his name from Schubert to Williams. Margaret Farr has writen:

"but I have purchased his Marriage Certificate & it says on it that his parents are JOSEPH WILLIAMS (HIS FATHER – CARPENTER) & HIS MOTHER’S MAIDEN NAME IS LUCY HADLEY"

The Father's first name of Joseph is correct, as is the name of his Mother, as Lucy was fostered/adopted when her Mother married James HADLEY.

Margaret continued:

"Robert & His Wife ISABELLA nee FAIRLY had four children – NADA (Eldest) then LAURAL, GLORYIA & CLYDE. This Robert Stanley moved around Qld. a lot before he got married & went back & forth to the Northern Territory after his wife Isabella died. Then he got married for a second time in NT. He died on a property called ROCKHAMPTON DOWNS while he was working there in the NT in 1967 from a massive Heart Attack & was brought back to Rockhampton to be cremated."

The Queensland marriage reference below indicates that he was then known as Stanley Williams.

1919 C2981 Stanley Williams Isabella Fairly