Harry Nicholson GREGORY , 18741940 (aged 66 years)

Harry Nicholson /GREGORY/
Given names
Harry Nicholson
Work Place Injury

The Mines Department Annual Report for 1915 gave the following account of the accident:

"Gregory and his mate were working in No. 63 pillar in No. 7 district. The pillar had been split, and the remainder, 12 fee wide, was being "brought back'. As Gregory was filling a tub, a portion of the stone roof fell and knocked him down, and he fell on some loose stones on his face. The stone which fell was 5ft x 4ft and 15 inches thick on one sidfe and tapering to a feather edge on the other. The man was severely cut about the face."

Descendants of Harry recalled him claiming to have had a silver plate inserted in his head as a result of this accident.