George Robert JONES + Muriel May PETTIT

Facts and events

Citation details: 30 October 2010

In part:

On March 23 1900 Mabel Pettit was born, daughter to Robert Pettit born March 10 1855 and Jane Hudson Pettit born 25th October 1857.
Roberts parents were James Pettit and Catherine Fay.
Jane`s father was Joshua Wilson Hudson.

Robert and Jane Pettit had a daughter Eva May born 17/3/1892 I`m not sure how many other children there were before Mabel was born 21/3/1900.

In 1916 Mabel gave birth to Muriel May Pettit, family whispers have it that the birth was a result of a ww1 romance between Mabel and a soldier. No body ever knew who Muriel`s father was not even Muriel herself!

In 1926 Mabel met Raymond metcalf Shepherd,he had daughters from his first marriage, Aileen, Dora, Joyce, Lillian and Betty and Mabel had Muriel. They married April 7 1926.
They had 3 children together; Joan Alice Shepherd born October 1926
George Shepherd born 1929?
Ruth Mabel Shepherd born 22/3/1931.

Now Muriel met and married George Robert Jones in 1938 they had one daughter by the name of Janice who died in 1998/99.

George Robert Jones was killed in action in New Guniea in 1942.

In July 1947 Muriel married her second husband Robert Garn,they had 2 children Lois and Robert, Lois died in 2006/07
Muriel died in 1997
Robert Garn snr died 1984/85

In 1949; Ruth Mabel Shepherd married Maurice Bede Moroney 15/7/49, they had 4 children, 3 daughters and 1 son
Joan Alice Shepherd married Ronald Charles Blunden 10/10/49 they had 2 children 1 daughter and 1 son
George Shepherd married Beryl Aderline Wakeman 15/12/49 they had 3 children 1 son 2 daughters

Ruth died 2005 and Maurice died 2006
George died 1994/8?
I don`t know about Joan and Ron or about George Shepherds wife Beryl.