Casparus Franziscus SCHMITZER + Clara VOLM

Facts and events

Citation details: 1 July 2010

In part:

"I can go back 2 more generations of Schmitzers if you are interested. I believe you have the info about the parents of both brothers who emigrated to Aistralia: Johanas Schmitzer and Maria Anna Mallers (I have the 3 siblings of Johanas if you wish)

Johannas's parents:
F: Casparus Franziscus Schmitzer (referred to as Franz Caspar in some documents) I also have 5 siblings with some details.
M:22.1.1782 to Clara Volm
D: 9.11.1822 (unsure which person this relates to)

Casparus's parents:
Fredericus Schmitzer M: 1747 Elizabeth Schneideran (referred to as Freidrich and Elisabetha )

I believe all these people lived in Dahenfeld."