Karl Adam Charlie ZUCKER + Ellen Jane NIXON

1 child
Birth: October 16, 1884 26 23 Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1963Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: February 26, 1858 30 29 Cooks River, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: December 19, 1827 23 34 Lahr, Schwarzwald, Germany
Death: July 31, 1870Araluen, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: March 2, 1828 23 23 London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Death: March 1, 1909Redfern, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: August 14, 1861 43 40 Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia
Death: September 6, 1937Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: calculated 1818 England, United Kingdom
Birth: calculated 1821England, United Kingdom

Facts and events

Religious marriage
Address: St. Paul's
Citation details: 2022/1883 ZUCKER KARL ADAM NIXON ELLEN J SYDNEY

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Quality of data: primary evidence
Citation details: 17 November 1892, page 3.
Citation details: Thursday 10 January 1884, page 1
Note: It is interesting to note that the marriage certificate shows the marriage date as 8 December.
Divorce filed
Note: From The Zucker Story:

From The Zucker Story:

"On the 23rd August 1892 Ellen Zucker submitted a petition for divorce, citing her husband's desertion on the 1st July 1888 "without giving me any explanation whatever and I had not the slightest reason for his leaving me and the said Respondent has not returned to me." She further stated that she had not seen or heard of her husband since that date "with the exception of a letter dated on the day of his desertion in the Respondent's handwriting which was I believe sent through the post to the Thomas Tollis my sister's husband which letter appears to have been posted at Waverley according to the postmark on the envelope. ..."

Dear Thomas

By the time you read these few lines I will be no more I am disgraced and I cannot face it out Oh if I had only told Nell when she asked me what was the matter with me I might have been spared this but no the gambling had to strong a hold upon me and I woud have another try on Monday morning well I went with a full pocket and had not been there more than three hours before I was ruined and then I was driven to do this because I could not face it out.

In deep distress

Goodbye to all I am ruiined think not of me as I am not worthy rell my dear Nell not to fret over me as I am not worthy a thought but to look and then there is poor Herb - poor boy Thomas look after Herb and Nell.

Distressed and ruined

It was noted that "no evidence ever came to light to prove that the said respondent did make away with himself as he had so stated his intention of doing". Nell stated that she had made numerous enquiries amongst her husband's relations, namely his mother, brothers and sisters and amongst his friends, she and his mother had advertised for him in the newspapers, but there had been no response. The divorce papers were then served on Carl's mother, Charlotte, on the 23rd September 1892, and advertisements placed in the newspapers notifying the action that was taken, giving Carl 21 days to appear. On the 18th October a date was set for the hearing on the 16th November, at which time a decree nisi was granted for dissolution of the marriage. The decree absolute was granted on 22nd February 1893, giving Ellen full custody of their son.