John Boorman HENHAM + Frances Eleanor WHITEHOUSE

3 children
Birth: about 1867 36 31 New Zealand
Death: about 1946New Zealand
Birth: March 23, 1877 46 41 Kumara, New Zealand
Death: December 22, 1940Mosman, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: calculated 1831East Peckham, Kent, England, United Kingdom
Death: October 30, 1905Kumara, New Zealand
Birth: calculated 1836Clerkenwell, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Death: about 1913New Zealand

Facts and events

Religious marriage
Address: Holy Trinity Church
Citation details: 4 February 2017

In part:

"John married Francis Ellenor Whitehouse (known as Fanny Ellen) on 30 July 1903 in Kumara, West Coast, New


"Marriage Certificate (see file)
Particulars of Parties to Marriage
Bride Bridegroom
Fanny Ellen John Boorman Henham
67 72
Birth: St James, Clerkenwell, East Peckham, Kent, England.
Middlesex, England.
Domestic Duties Bushman
Spinster Bachelor
Kumara Kumara
Mother: Eleanor, Whitehouse. Margaretta, Henham.
Name at Birth: Holden. Boorman.
Father: Joseph Whitehouse Thomas Henham
Date of Marriage: 30 July 1903
Holy Trinity Church, Kumara, New Zealand."


"1903 marriage certificate says she was born in St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England in 1836 [age 67 at
marriage], daughter of Joseph Whitehouse and Eleanor Holden"

Citation details: 1903/4419 Fanny Ellen Whitehouse John Boorman Henham