John McINTYRE + Euphemia McGREGOR

1 child
Male Pioneer
Birth: January 10, 1820 Longforgan, Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Death: August 19, 1875Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events


Mark and Elise Rogers advised on 10 July 2020, that they have found a baptism record which they consider to be relevant to their son, James. This record is for an Andrew James McINTYRE with his parents being John McINTYRE and Isabella RIDDLE being baptised on 26 Nov 1817 in Muthill. Portion of their email is quoted below:

"I've done some digging on this couple - they arrived on the "James Moran" in 1841 (Page 3 of passenger list index - he was a blacksmith from Perthshire. From his death we learn parents were John and Isabella.

From ScotlandsPeople we find 1 baptism that fits these 3 pieces, so probably him - MCINTYRE ANDREW JAMES JOHN MCINTYRE/ISABELLA RIDDLE FR313 (FR313) M 26/11/1817 386/A 10 304 Muthill (Muthill being in Perthshire) - no other baptisms in the period fit even 2 of the criteria."