Thomas CAPP + Susan BECKETT

1 child
Birth: November 30, 1851 30 23Morpeth, New South Wales, Australia
Death: November 26, 1927Taree, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: December 29, 1820Windsor, New South Wales, Australia
Death: July 19, 1857Maitland, New South Wales, Australia
Woman Pioneer Icon
Birth: about 1828 21 21Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: about 1899Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Male Pioneer
Birth: calculated 1807England, United Kingdom
Woman Pioneer Icon
Birth: calculated 1807England, United Kingdom
Death: about 1883Taree, New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events

Not married about 1851

Citation details: 513
SourcePre 1860 Pioneer Register - Book 1
Citation details: 513
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Note: From the preface to the book:

From the preface to the book:

The information found in this publication has been compiled from a combination of sources.

Every effort has been made to show where an event took place and where a place has not been given or known the registration place is shown in brackets. Please note that our area is covered under- Taree, Manning River or Wingham; Lower Manning as - Stroud, Port Stephens, etc. There are a few instances where the maiden name of wife has not been confirmed - if this is the case it appears in brackets.

During research we have noted errors in the BDM's eg incorrect registration districts given - Dungog/Dubbo, Manning R/Mudgee, Taree/Taralga, etc. Where this has occurred, and we are aware this is an error, we have included both the error/actual.

Where there was conflicting information both were included, unless correct information could be obtained from a primary source.

Newspaper articles relating to the various aspects of the families have been marked with* -an index relating to the name appears later in this publication.

Each submitter has been assigned a number, which is shown at the end of each entry. In some cases there are more than one number. Where (1) is shown the Manning Wallamba Family History Society has supplied information and/or researched the family with the aid of records held.