George Samuel MAUNSELL + Jane Dealtry MACANSH

No children
Male Pioneer
Birth: 1839 30 28 Ballybrood, County Limerick, Ireland
Death: March 28, 1899Bowen, Queensland, Australia
Male Pioneer
Birth: calculated 1809 Ballybrood, County Limerick, Ireland
Death: June 20, 1863Ghinni Ghinni, New South Wales, Australia
Woman Pioneer Icon
Birth: about 1811 Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Death: February 20, 1899Chatham, New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events

Religious marriage
Address: St. Luke's Church of England
Citation details: 30 October 2012

In part:

"You seem to have all the siblings of Samuel George Maunsell but missing this one. For anyone related to this Maunsell – Haughton – Creagh family, I would think that they may be interested in the son who moved to Queensland, married at Toowoomba and had a family."


"Jane Dealtry Macansh (b.1846 India – d.31 Mar 1913 Qld)."

Citation details: 1868/C132 Macaush Jane Dealtry Maunsell Samuel George