1 child
Birth: October 27, 1907 25Merewether, New South Wales, Australia
Death: June 12, 1996New Lambton, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: March 23, 1882 35 34Merewether, New South Wales, Australia
Death: January 14, 1966Lambton, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: April 23, 1846 45 46Merewether, New South Wales, Australia
Death: November 3, 1924Merewether, New South Wales, Australia
Gregory - Mary Ann
Birth: February 14, 1848 42 35Morpeth, New South Wales, Australia
Death: December 24, 1928Merewether, New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events

SourceThe Newcastle Connection: A Gregory Family History
Citation details: Page 87
Note: This book is the result of a marvelous effort by Jan Gregory in a widespread and meticulous search f…

This book is the result of a marvelous effort by Jan Gregory in a widespread and meticulous search for all descendants of William Gregory (1806-1893). Not only has Jan done considerable research, she has contacted all of the major family lines by phone, email or letter. She has had input from a number of Gregory family members.

As a result, the descendant listings contained in the book are the most complete listings that could be gathered together and contain almost two thousand names.

Philip has enhanced this book by writing family stories interwoven with historical description of events and places that affected some Gregory families.

It is a must have for any Gregory researcher.

In the Preface Jan and Philip write:

"With nearly 2000 names in the genealogical tables, it is not possible to write everyone's story. The aim is therefore more modest. It is to provide an outline of the story of William and Sarah Gregory and the families of their six children, which others can use as a basis of more detailed histories of particular branches of the family. Except where detailed information about recent generations has been given by contributors, the focus as been on the children and grandchildren of William and Sarah Gregory. The descendants whose stories have been included are not necessarily more interesting than those that are not mentioned. Rather, it is simply a case of including some of the material provided by those who responded to the authors' request for information. The most fascinating stories may yet to be told.

As lives are lived in both time and place, an attempt has been made to set the story in the context of the development of Newcastle and its industries in the period 1860 to 1920. However, the authors have not attempted a general history of Newcastle, but rather a history of those particular areas in which a number of family members were involved, namely the development of the Merewether area, the coal mining industry, Arnott's biscuits and the BHP steelworks.

The chapters have been structured to look at the family groups of each of William and Sarah's six children, from the oldest to the youngest. Each of these chapters represents the information which the authors have been able to find about each of the children, William, John George, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, James and Joseph. It then looks at the families of each of their children in turn. Where information has been supplied about later generations, it has been included in the appropriate family group. The names of William and Sarah's children, grandchildren and their spouses have been put in bold type to assist the reader to find the various groupings."