Israel BELTON + Mary Ann BROWN

8 children
Birth: 1824 31 21 England, United Kingdom
Death: before August 22, 1824England, United Kingdom
Birth: 1827 34 24
Birth: 1836 43 33 Foulness Island, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Death: September 11, 1876Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: 1841 48 38
Death: 1848
Birth: 1793
Death: before December 31, 1861
Birth: about 1803Prittlewell, Essex, England, United Kingdom

Facts and events

Religious marriage
Address: St. Mary's
Family residence
Address: Signal House

Peter Baker has written:

"Williams mother Mary Ann left Israel and had three other children in Berkshire but later returned to Essex with her son David Belton. I met another Belton descendent in Shoebury (close to Foulness) some years ago who didn't know the story but she told me she was brought up being told that these other Beltons (Davids family) were NOT proper Beltons."

Citation details: 29 September 2013

Portion of "The Beltons of Foulness Island" written by Peter Baker:

Israel Belton & Mary Ann Brown :
Israel Belton was born in 1793 and was Israel and Elizabeth's third son, he married Mary Ann Brown on Thursday 10 Jul 1823 at St Mary's, Foulness. Mary Ann was born about 1803 in Prittlewell and was about ten years younger than Israel.

Israel and Mary Ann's had eight children together, Mira. Daniel, Mary Ann. Israel, Samuel, William, Elizabeth and Lucy. At the time that Lucy was born all seven surviving children were still living at home, at Signal House, Foulness Daniel the eldest was working as an agricultural labourer like his father, but within a couple of years Israel's and Mary Ann's marriage had broken up, Mary Ann had moved to Abingdon in Berkshire and was living with William Mayhew.

In 1851 Israel had moved from Foulness to Great Wakering, Israel's eldest daughter Mary Ann who was 25 and unmarried was named as housekeeper. The only other child left at home was eleven year old Elizabeth. Ten years later Israel was still living with the two daughters, at 134 Brickyard, Great Wakering, Mary and Elizabeth are both described as farm servants. Israel Belton was buried in Great Wakering on the 31st December 1861 aged 70.

Mary Ann was about 44 when she gave birth to a daughter, Sarah Belton Mayhew in 1843. William Mayhew was about 4 7. A second daughter Mary Ann May hew was born in 1845 and a son David Heruy May hew Belton in 1847 all born in Abingdon. Sarah Belton Mayhew died in 1851. Ten years later in 1861 Mary Ann age shown as 52 and her son David had moved back to Essex, they were both living in Barling.

As stated above in 1861 Israel had died, and two years later Mary Ann Brown!Belton/Mayhew was married in Grays to Abel Price, he was 12 years younger than her and had married Martha Button on the 28 Sep 1846 in Rochford, but she had recently died, he had at least five children William Price aged 17, Henry Price 15, Mary Price 13, Jane Price 4 and Emma Price aged 3.

Mary Ann Price was still alive in 1881 aged 77 she was living with Abe1 aged 63 at Bull Road, Basildon, Abel was termed a Thatcher and Hay binder. In 1901 Abel Price aged 83 was one of the 208 inmates of the Rochford Union Workhouse in 1901, termed as a farm labourer and said to be born in Hawkwell.