John Stephen FARMER + Rose Georgina FORDHAM

No children
Birth: March 7, 1854 26 Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: January 18, 1916West Bergholt, Essex, England, United Kingdom

Facts and events

Note: Richard Farmer has written the following summary:

Richard Farmer has written the following summary:

"A number of documents appear to be missing from the divorce records, including Rose Georgina’s original petition and any response that John Stephen may have made, as well as certificates of decree nisi and decree absolute. The main issues here are an allegation of desertion and the payment of alimony.

An affidavit presented on behalf of Rose Georgina states that she was receiving payments of 30 shillings per week but these have lapsed. Rose Georgina and John Stephen have not lived together for two years and the “last cohabitation” took place the previous August. At the time of the affidavit, Rose Georgina was living at 171 Wardour Street, London. The main body of the affidavit is undated. [It would very likely have been made between February and May 1905.] A note appended to the affidavit, dated 16 May, states that a separation order had previously been made in February 1900 but Rose Georgina returned to John Stephen the following October. [Census returns show that they were still living together in 1901.] She had to go to St Pancras Workhouse in December 1904.

John Stephen wrote an affidavit on 24 April 1905, perhaps in response to Rose Georgina’s. John Stephen claims that he is very short of money as a result of, variously, a depression in the publishing trade, the bankruptcy of a literary agent, and the death of a colleague. He argues that he cannot pay Rose Georgina more than 15 shillings per week. At the time, he was living at 18 Bury Street, London.

John Stephen was summoned to appear at a Petty Sessional Court on 16 May 1905 to answer a charge of desertion and was found guilty. The magistrate issued a further separation order. John Stephen was ordered to pay four shillings in costs and provide Rose Georgina with 25 shillings per week.

On 24 May 1905, John Stephen filed a notice of appeal, arguing that 25 shillings per week was “excessive and not reasonable having regard to the means of the said Defendant”. The appeal was allowed at a divisional court, and the weekly payment reduced to 15 shillings.

According to Court Minutes, a decree absolute was issued on 6 June 1905.

[National Archives J77/848/5793]"