John Stephen FARMER + Alice Amelia CASWELL

3 children
Birth: about 1888 33 Winchester, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: 1965
Birth: July 18, 1889 35 Caterham, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Death: 1971
Birth: October 16, 1892 38 Croydon, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Death: 1958
Birth: March 7, 1854 26 Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: January 18, 1916West Bergholt, Essex, England, United Kingdom

Facts and events

Note: Richard Farmer has written the following summary:

Richard Farmer has written the following summary:

"Alice Amelia filed a petition for divorce on 8 May 1894. Following her marriage to John Stephen, they had lived in Haringey in London and in Croydon. The petition lists two children, Ralph Ashley, born 18 July 1889, and Harry Bernard, born 16 October 1892. [A third child, Harold, born in 1888, is not mentioned, but does appear in the 1901 census returns; perhaps his date of birth would have shown that conception had taken place prior to marriage.] The petition claims that, between 1892 and 1894, John Stephen was violent towards Alice Amelia, neglected her and the children and committed adultery on numerous occasions with Rose Fordham [John Stephen’s third wife]. As part of her petition, Alice Amelia asks for a dissolution of the marriage, custody of the children and alimony payments. At the time of the petition, she was living at 47 Acacia Road, Sydenham in Kent.

On 28 January 1895, John Stephen was found guilty of adultery and cruelty. He was in court but did not contest the findings. A decree nisi was granted and Alice Amelia given custody of the children. John Stephen was ordered to pay costs. A decree absolute was issued on 20 April 1896. [This was just six weeks before his marriage to Rose Georgina Fordham.]

[National Archives J77/536/16381]"