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Gloster Alford Document

Gloster Alford Document

Gloster Alford Document

Douglas Hamilton


Doug Hamilton has kindly prepared this document on the descendants of Gloster Joseph ALFORD.

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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
George Isaac AINSWORTH
June 7, 1910110Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia2about 19992288Urunga, New South Wales, Australia
Annie GOFF
April 8, 1901120Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia0August 5, 19714970Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
Ernest John ALFORD
October 5, 1915105Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia2December 1, 20002085Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
George Charles A ALFORD
June 23, 1910110Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia3January 6, 20012090Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia
Gertrude Ruby ALFORD
Gertrude Ruby AINSWORTH
December 6, 1916104Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia2January 17, 19972480Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Gloster Joseph ALFORD
March 16, 1858163Macleay River, New South Wales, Australia7December 10, 19279369Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
John Patrick ALFORD
August 4, 1884136Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia10November 24, 19546670Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Julia Lillian ALFORD
Julia Lillian BYRNES
about 1889132Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia0
Kathleen Mary ALFORD
Kathleen Mary GREIG
Kathleen Mary WILKINSON
August 27, 1906114Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia1March 27, 19893282Atherton, Queensland, Australia
Leslie Gloster ALFORD
October 11, 192496Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia0February 3, 20041779Queensland, Australia
Mervyn Patrick ALFORD
September 9, 1932884August 7, 19962463Bellingen General Cemetery, Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Noel William ALFORD
March 20, 1929920March 22, 1929920
Patrick Joseph ALFORD
December 29, 1904116Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia4November 24, 19685263Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Theresa ALFORD
Theresa McFADYEN
November 7, 1893127Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia3February 8, 19794285Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Theresa Lillian ALFORD
Theresa Lillian GOULDING
October 27, 1919101Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia5October 17, 19794159
Veronica Louisa ALFORD
about 1891130Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia0July 17, 18971236Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia
Veronica May ALFORD
September 1, 1903117Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia4July 6, 19635759Burwood, New South Wales, Australia
Vincent Reginald ALFORD
November 9, 1912108Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia4January 24, 19962583Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
William Joseph ALFORD
about 1885136Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia0about 18861351Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia
Mary Ann “Molly” CASEY
May 15, 192298Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia0September 19, 19942672Bellingen General Cemetery, Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Herbert Walter DANIELS
April 10, 193388Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia4December 24, 2011978Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
November 25, 1863157Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, Australia7January 21, 19378473Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Catherine Anne GILLIES
Catherine Anne ALFORD
June 25, 1909111Grafton, New South Wales, Australia3May 14, 20002090Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia
William Albert GOFF
calculated 18941270September 20, 19586264Burwood, New South Wales, Australia
William Richard John “Jack the Booty” GOULDING
March 5, 1913108Sawtell, New South Wales, Australia5January 24, 19972483Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sidney GREIG
about 1894127Yass, New South Wales, Australia1
Albert John McFADYEN
March 26, 1921100Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia0October 31, 19903069Umina, New South Wales, Australia
Albert Roland McFADYEN
June 2, 1894126Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia3November 30, 19536759Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Edward Gloster McFADYEN
March 26, 1921100Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia0June 28, 20021881Bellingen General Cemetery, Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Kenneth Bruce McFADYEN
September 1, 192595Gleniffer, New South Wales, Australia0August 19, 19804054Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
September 25, 1901119East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia4May 12, 19695167Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Alice Agnes ROWAN
Alice Agnes ALFORD
September 28, 1885135Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia10September 15, 19556569Urunga, New South Wales, Australia
Atlee John Clive SOUTHAM
July 28, 1898122Tilba, New South Wales, Australia4November 21, 19853587Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Kevin John SOUTHAM
May 12, 192496Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia0July 9, 19853561Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Catherine Shirley THOMAS
Catherine Shirley ALFORD
February 22, 1929920September 26, 19922863
Frederick John WALKER
November 20, 1913107Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia0August 26, 19863472
James Stephen WILKINSON
about 1908113Woolgoolga, New South Wales, Australia0
Given names Surname Age Given names Surname Age Marriage Place Last change
George Charles A ALFORD
24Catherine Anne GILLIES
2486Grafton, New South Wales, Australia3
John Patrick ALFORD
19Alice Agnes ROWAN
18117Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia10
Patrick Joseph ALFORD
23Ida May OSLAND
2692Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia4
George Isaac AINSWORTH
25Gertrude Ruby ALFORD
about 1936
85Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia2
William Richard John “Jack the Booty” GOULDING
Theresa Lillian ALFORD
James Stephen WILKINSON
28Kathleen Mary ALFORD
about 1936
85Brisbane, Queensland, Australia0
Atlee John Clive SOUTHAM
25Veronica May ALFORD
2097Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia4
Leslie Gloster ALFORD
26Catherine Shirley THOMAS
2170Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia0
Gloster Joseph ALFORD
19137Smithtown, New South Wales, Australia7
Albert Roland McFADYEN
25Theresa ALFORD
25101Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia3
Edward Gloster McFADYEN
25Mary Ann “Molly” CASEY
2474Sydney, New South Wales, Australia0