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Point Clare General Cemetery

Point Clare General Cemetery

AddressCoolam Avenue Point Clare NSW 2250


Point Clare Cemetery is a large regional cemetery serving the Gosford district on the central coast of NSW and has been under the management of Gosford City Council since 1968. Records of burials prior to this time may be incomplete.

The cemetery comprises a monumental area divided into denominational portions and a modern lawn cemetery with memorial gardens for the placement of ashes. The monumental cemetery is closed, except for those holding pre-arranged rights of burial. The grounds are maintained in excellent condition by Council, all portions are clearly marked and amenities are provided on site. A large location map at the cemetery entrance graphically illustrates the cemetery layout.

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TitleAuthorIndividualsFamiliesMedia objectsShared notesLast changeDelete
Headstone - Bendeich - Joseph W and Florence2000Delete
Headstone - Boddenberg - Robert and Sarah Louisa2000Delete
Headstone - Bowen - Joseph E and Lena2000Delete
Headstone - Eden - Christian Joseph1000Delete
Headstone - Eden - Elizabeth Johanna1000Delete
Headstone - Eden - Frederick and Caroline2000Delete
Headstone - Eden - Frederick and Hilda Mary2000Delete
Headstone - Eden - Joan1000Delete
Headstone - Eden - Ronald Joseph1000Delete
Headstone - Finney - Annie F M1000Delete
Headstone - Foott - Sarah Jane and Henry John2000Delete
Headstone - Franks - Leo Anthony and Mary Eileen2100Delete
Headstone - Gavenlock - Alice1000Delete
Headstone - Gavenlock - Arthur Ernest and Daphne May2000Delete
Headstone - Gavenlock - Ethel May1000Delete
Headstone - Gavenlock - Lill and - Chalker - Joyce2000Delete
Headstone - Gavenlock - Linda Pearl and Arthur Stanley2000Delete
Headstone - Gavenlock - Matthew George and John2000Delete
Headstone - Gavenlock - William Samuel1000Delete
Headstone - Gavenlock- Daphne Maude1000Delete
Headstone - Hookway - Arthur and Constance Gwendoline2000Delete
Headstone - Noone - Martin Ainsley and Dorothy May2000Delete
Headstone - Pateman - George and William James2000Delete
Headstone - Pateman - Jane1000Delete
Headstone - Pateman - John Harold1000Delete
Headstone - Pateman - Margaret and Jessie May2000Delete
Headstone - Smoothy - Ronald Maxwell and Jaunita2000Delete
Headstone - Tynan - James and Ada Stanley2000Delete
Headstone - Verden - John G, Annie S and Charles F3000Delete
Headstone - Walker - Henry James and Laura Maybn2000Delete
Headstone - White - Joseph George and Belinda Mary2000Delete