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Higbid Photos Available for a Direct Family Member

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Higbid Photos Available for a Direct Family Member

In an email of 22 June 2018 Janelle Towells wrote:

"I found 2 studio photos of Lorna Higbid and her daughter taken in 1961. There was also 1 photograph of what could be Lorna's parents and another photo taken in a studio in Hunter Street Newcastle of what could be 1 set of Lorna's Grandparents. I would like to return them to any family members if possible."

The photos were all together in a clear plastic bag. Unfortunately there weren't any names written on the photos except for 1 that had the surname Higbid on the back of the photo of the 2 ladies together. There was also an exercise book with the name of Lorna Higbid, Apia Club, written on the front of the book. There was nothing written inside the exercise book.

One photo is of a young woman.

Daughter of Lorna HigbidIs this Lorna's daughter?

This same woman is featured in a second photo, presumably with her Mother. This second photo has the name "Higbid" written on the back.

Lorna Higbid?Is this Lorna and her daughter?

Then there is this couple. Are they Lorna's parents?

Lorna Higbid's Parents?Is this couple Lorna's parents?

There there is this older couple. The photo appears to have been taken at a studio in Newcastle. Are these Lorna or Charles' Grandparents?

Lorna's Grandparents?Is this couple Lorna or Charles' Grandparents?

If your recognise these photos and are an immediate family member please email Stuart and let him know your details.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Lorna Willa COX
Lorna Willa HIGBID
about 1908112Scone, New South Wales, Australia1October 16, 19754567Burwood, New South Wales, Australia
Charles Arthur Stanley HIGBID
about 1913107Petersham, New South Wales, Australia1