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They Came From Aberdeen - Glennie Family History

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They Came From Aberdeen - Glennie Family History

Anne Glennie has published a book with the above title. She advises the following:

"The book is finally being printed. I am so excited and proud of how it turned out. It has been added to for the past 10 years and I thought it about time to share with interested family members.

Wow, what a family!!

John & Jean (Mitchell) Glennie had 10 children. The book traces the descendants of the six who had children - (5 sons & 1 daughter) - Arthur, Alexander, Dr William, Rev John, Rev Prof George & Mary (Glennie) Thomson with sections devoted to each.

Within those sections will be chapters on their children. Amongst the many descendants you will find Sir’s and Lady’s; Military Leaders such as Naval Admirals, Commanders and Lieutenants; Field Marshals, Major Generals, Brigadiers and Colonels; Squadron Leaders, Flight Lieutenants etc. just to name a few of the many titles. There are also Professors, Doctors & Nurses, Clergymen, Lawyers, Merchants, Consuls, Tea planters, Rubber planters, Artists, Engineers, Teachers & Headmasters, Landed Gentry and many more occupations. They lived in the United Kingdom, North & South America, Canada, South Africa, India, Australia, Europe and many other parts of the world.

You will be fascinated by the treasures you find, I know I was. And, yes there is the odd one who got into the newspapers for the wrong reasons, but most were upstanding wonderful people. The book consists of 586 pages of which there are 240 pages with pictures.

I have tried to keep it to a reasonable price of A$145.00 + delivery.

It is a large A4 size book and weighs about 2.25 kgs so I have had to search for the best delivery costs."

I can provide you with contact details of the author. As at February 2016, the cost of the book is $145.00 plus delivery costs. This price is subject to change.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Lucy Emily GLENNIE
Lucy Emily WYNDHAM
about 18481721October 27, 19229874Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia
Mary Anne HOLMES
about 1845175New South Wales, Australia5about 19219976Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia