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Document written by Trish Cation

Edward WARRINGTON was born in Dapto in on the 9th of January 1843 (ref 1), however the story of the Warrington family begins in Ireland in 1770 with the birth of Catharine MALONE.

a) Catharine MALONE: Catharine was tried at Dublin in 1792 for the theft of money from Francis Hopkins and was transported to Australia for seven years (ref 2). She arrived on the “Sugar Cane” in 1793 (ref 3). Catharine had an eventful life, with four husbands/de factos and five children, including a daughter Sarah who died at the age of two, and four sons. The father of the elder three boys was John Worthington (WARRINGTON) and the father of the fourth son, William, was a convict named FRY. Catherine and the children endured some very difficult times, with Catharine being sentenced to a term in the Female Cloth Factory (prison) for a break and enter offence, and the two eldest boys being admitted into the Orphan School in Parramatta (ref 4). William was born in 1812, but was not christened until 1826 and his baptism certificate does not name the father, and names him as William FRY MALONE (ref 5).


William Fry MALONE (WARRINGTON) began a relationship with Louisa KNOWLAND in 1833 and they were married in Dapto in 1841 (ref 6). Due to the fact that certificates were hand-written and sometimes very hard to decipher, the record of William’s marriage to Louisa is actually listed under the name of “HARRINGTON” rather than Warrington. Louisa was the daughter of David KNOWLAND and Mary SMITH, both English convicts. David was born in England in about 1772 and was transported on the Third Fleet vessel “Neptune” in 1790 after being convicted at the age of 14 in the Old Bailey on 25 June 1788 for housebreaking (ref 7). Mary SMITH was born in Hampshire in 1776 and transported on the “Nile” in 1801 (ref 8).


David KNOWLAND became a respectable citizen in Sydney after serving the term of his sentence. David married Mary SMITH in 1810 (ref 9) after the birth of their daughters Louisa in 1808 and Mary in 1809 (ref 10). David’s record in the Colonial Secretary’s Papers indicates he was given a grant of land in 1814 and in 1818 was appointed as guardian to Thomas Warrington who was the son of Catharine MALONE and elder brother of William WARRINGTON (ref 11). David died in 1837 (ref 12) and Mary died in 1865 (ref 13).

Louisa KNOWLAND, also known as Lucy, was 18 when she married James JACKSON in 1826 (ref 14). The death of James is recorded in 1826 (ref 15) after which Lucy began her relationship with William WARRINGTON. As noted above, William was the younger brother of Thomas Warrington and it may be assumed that the relationship between William and Louisa was a result of the family connection developed whilst David was Thomas' guardian. The marriage of William and Lucy is recorded as occurring in Dapto in the NSW BDM Index in September 1841 (ref 16) although their first child was born in 1834 (ref 17). They had nine children, including Edward WARRINGTON who was born in Dapto on the 9th of January 1843 (ref 18). William WARRINGTON died in Braidwood in 1894 (ref 19) but Louisa’s death is not recorded in NSW BDM.

Edward WARRINGTON married Elizabeth ROACHE (ROACH) in Wollongong on 5 February 1861 (ref 20). Edward signed the marriage certificate with his “X” mark and as Elizabeth was under the age of 21, the certificate states the marriage took place with the consent of her father James ROACHE.

d) James ROACH

James ROACH was born in Doneraile, County Cork, Ireland in about 1807, the son of farm labourer Thomas ROACH and Julia MELLAN (ref 21). James is listed as a free man living in Dapto on the 1841 NSW Census (ref 22). He married Mary Ann MILNE in Dapto in 1843 and they had six children, the eldest being Elizabeth. There is no record of Elizabeth’s birth in BDM, but the birth records of her own children indicate she was born in 1842 or 1843. Mary Ann MILNE died in 1854 (ref 23) and was buried in a Roman Catholic ceremony at Wollongong on 12 May. James ROACH was married again in 1855 to Helen WILLIAMS (ref 24) and fathered another daughter, Ellen. James died on 28 July 1873 (ref 25) and his death certificate states he had lived in NSW for 49 years, so he would have arrived in the colony in about 1824. His occupation is listed as farmer.

Edward WARRINGTON and Elizabeth ROACH:

Edward and Elizabeth had six children, with the elder four bearing the surname WARRINGTON and the younger two being named FRY. The youngest child was born on 31 July 1870 and his name is given as Ernest Roach FRY, with the father’s name as Edward Warrington FRY (ref 26). There is no record of Elizabeth’s death in NSW BDM, however Edward married Mary Ann TEASDALE in Cooma in 1874 (ref 27) and had three more children. Edward died on 13 August 1895 (ref 28) but his death certificate does not show any details of his marriage to Elizabeth, nor does it name any of the children of this marriage. However it lists his parents as being William Warrington and Lucy Nowlan (Louisa Knowland), so it is the same person. Edward’s occupation is given as farmer on his death certificate, although it was given as labourer on Angelina’s birth certificate in 1863 (ref 29) and sawyer on Ernest’s certificate in 1870 (ref 30).

Children of Edward WARRINGTON and Elizabeth ROACH: Francis Mathias Fry WARRINGTON 22 Feb 1862 Broulee Angelina Lucy WARRINGTON 30 June 1863 Broulee Albert Edward WARRINGTON 16 Nov 1864 Broulee Edgar James Fry WARRINGTON 28 Jan 1867 Broulee Mary T FRY 1869 Ulladulla Ernest Roach FRY 31 July 1870 Milton

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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Catharine MALONE
Catharine BUTTS
about 1770250Ireland1August 4, 184117971Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia