Birth March 15, 1780
MarriageAnn WILSONView this family
between October 1798 and February 1799 (aged 18 years)
Transferred to NSW Corps
July 13, 1799 (aged 19 years)

In part:

"The book 'The Minerva Journal of John Washington Price. A Voyage from Cork, Ireland, to Sydney, New South Wales, 1798-1800'. mention James Bull in the book, twice, according to the Appendix, but I can only find him once. But what's written is very interesting. It's from page 238, notation 36: "Privates James Bull, William Taylor and Edward Goldsboro transferred to the N.S.W. Corps from the 6th Regiment of Foot (Royal Warwickshire Regiment). N.S.W. Corps Muster Rolls, Captain Prentice's Company, January 1800 to December 1801, pp.11-12. James Bull transferred to the N.S.W. Corps on 13 July 1799, and boarded the Minerva with his wife Anne and his daughter Jane. He was discharged in 1807, by which time he had three more children (P.Statham, A colonial Regiment: New Sources relating to the New South Wales Corps 1789-1810, p.258). By 1810 he was a publican, and in 1811 he took a farm at Liverpool, where he settled. He was attacked by bushrangers on 9 September 1822 on the road from Liverpool to Sydney, and was buried at St Luke's, Liverpool, on 24 October 1822, aged forty-three, leaving a widow and ten children.""

Note: Transferred from the 6th Regiment of Foot (Royal Warwickshire Regiment)
Birth of a sonRichard BULL
about 1813 (aged 32 years)
Citation details: V18133215 1A/1813 BULL RICHARD JAMES ANN

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Beer Licence
Granted beer licence
February 17, 1821 (aged 40 years)
Citation details: 24 February 1821, page 4.
Son and daughter wounded by musket fire
September 9, 1822 (aged 42 years)
Address: near 15 mile post from Sydney.
Citation details: 13 September 1822, page 3.
Bull - James - Attacked
Bull - James - Attacked

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Death October 23, 1822 (aged 42 years)
Citation details: V18225549 2B/1822 BULL JAMES AGE 43
Burial October 24, 1822 (1 day after death)