Birth of a daughterAnn RALPH
July 15, 1794
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Marriage of a childJohn ALBURYAnn RALPHView this family
about 1818
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Birth of a granddaughterCharlotte ALBURY
December 23, 1819
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Birth of a granddaughterMary Ann ALBURY
September 22, 1821
Citation details: 1
Birth of a grandsonJohn ALBURY
April 27, 1823
Citation details: 1 and 2
Birth of a grandsonHenry ALBURY
July 25, 1825
Citation details: 1
Birth of a grandsonAbel ALBURY
Citation details: 1
Birth of a granddaughterMargaret Ann ALBURY
November 27, 1831
Citation details: 1 and 132
Birth of a granddaughterMercy ALBURY
August 12, 1834
Citation details: 1 and 269
Birth of a grandsonWilliam Ernest Francis ALBURY
June 12, 1836
Citation details: 1 and 5
Birth of a grandsonRobert ALBURY
December 6, 1838
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Marriage of a granddaughterWilliam BYRNECharlotte ALBURYView this family
September 16, 1840
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Citation details: V1840516 24B/1840 BYRNE WILLIAM ALBURY CHARLOTTE MY
Marriage of a granddaughterJabez BUCKMANMary Ann ALBURYView this family
September 8, 1842
Citation details: 1
Citation details: V1842720 26C/1842 BUCKMAN JABEZ ALBURY MARY A MG
Marriage of a granddaughterJohn ALBURYMary Ann MASTERSView this family
November 6, 1843
Address: St. Thomas Church of England
Citation details: V1843311 27C/1843 ALBURY JOHN MASTERS MARY A MG
Citation details: 1, 2 and 118
Marriage of a granddaughterHenry ALBURYHarriet Elizabeth WINNView this family
February 4, 1845
Address: St. Thomas' Church
Citation details: 1
Citation details: V1845306 30B/1845 ALBURY HENRY WINN HARRIET MG
Marriage of a granddaughterJohn FIELDMargaret Ann ALBURYView this family
February 28, 1848
Citation details: 1 and 132
Citation details: V1848216 33B/1848 FIELD JOHN ALBURY MARGARET A MW
Marriage of a granddaughterJames SHEATHERMercy ALBURYView this family
January 11, 1853
Address: Wesleyan Methodist
Citation details: 1, 51 and 269
Citation details: V1853271 85/1853 SHEATHER JAMES ALBURY MERCY IK
Death of a grandsonJohn ALBURY
February 18, 1855
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Citation details: V1855310 155/1855 ALBURY JOHN AGE 32
Marriage of a granddaughterRobert ALBURYAnn Rebecca HOUSEView this family
October 1, 1860
Citation details: 1
Citation details: 906/1860 ALBURY ROBERT HOUSE ANNE SYDNEY
Marriage of a granddaughterWilliam Ernest Francis ALBURYMary Ann RYANView this family
August 31, 1864
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There is also this reference:


Note: Apparently also married at Cundletown. There are two marriage references.
SourcePre 1860 Pioneer Register - Book 1
Citation details: Page 1
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From the preface to the book:

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During research we have noted errors in the BDM's eg incorrect registration districts given - Dungog/Dubbo, Manning R/Mudgee, Taree/Taralga, etc. Where this has occurred, and we are aware this is an error, we have included both the error/actual.

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