Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

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Interactive tree of Elizabeth May SMITH

Arthur Harold RATCLIFFE 19212002
Elizabeth Sarah COOK 1958
Cecil Walter Lawrence RATCLIFFE 19241972
Henry J A RATCLIFFE 1929
Dora Evelyn May RATCLIFFE 19262002
Edward Walter CANNELL 19132001
Harold Hector Samuel RATCLIFFE 19271989
Richard Robert RATCLIFFE 1938
Donald John RATCLIFFE 19301983
Walter Raymond RATCLIFFE 1987
William Peter RATCLIFFE
Elizabeth Margaret RATCLIFFE
Percy Lisle GREENAWAY 19071987
Thelma Mabel RATCLIFFE 19431979
Elizabeth May SMITH 19011965
Harold Hector Samuel RATCLIFFE 18971944
John L MAHER 18851967
William SMITH 18661944
Margaret TAYLOR 18731950
Dredar Margaret MILLER