Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

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Interactive tree of Cecil M WEILEY

Cecil M WEILEY 1910
George Oxley WEILEY 18691948
Florence May CAMERON 18841987
William WEILEY 18071890
Sarah Jane McCANN 18361918
Malcolm “Max” CAMERON 18571921
Mary Ann SCHMITZER 18621935
Malcolm Hugh Angus CAMERON 18241869
Euphemia McKINNON 18361905
Angus “Hugh” CAMERON 1849
Margaret “Peggy” MACKENZIE 18031849
Malcolm McKINNON 18021852
Euphemia “Effie” McLEOD 1806
Meron “Sarah” McLEOD 18061865
Johannes Anton “John” SCHMITZER 18241880
Rosina Louise “Louisa” KOPP 18311904
Mary Anna MATTES 17961862
Johann Anton KOPP
Catherina Philippina SANDER