Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

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Interactive tree of William ROSE

Herbert William GRIFFIS 19001975
Cecil Stanley GRIFFIS 19011974
Annie E M GRIFFIS 1902
Baden P BRAY
Myrtle I E GRIFFIS 1905
Ferdinand GALLAWAY
Lydia GRIFFIS 1940
Sydney Charles GRIFFIS 1907
Lydia GORMAN 1911
Clarence Raymond GRIFFIS 19091974
Kathleen Ellen Joyce SCOTT 1954
Shirley Kay McMILLAN
Frederick John GRIFFIS 19111966
Percy Ronald GRIFFIS 19131929
Allan George GRIFFIS 19132002
Alice Anastacia CHADWICK 18771951
Gilbert James GRIFFITHS 18701948
William Thomas CHADWICK 18791964
Ethel Eliza MARTIN 18871964
William Frederick WATTS 1900
Annie Elizabeth WATTS 1902
Wesley C S WATTS 1904
Ernest R WATTS 1905
Victor Emil WATTS 19071937
Neville R WATTS 1908
Keith WATTS 1909
Arthur Edward WATTS 19112005
Anne Louise “Dolly” BROWN
Lydia Caroline CHADWICK 18811968
Willie WATTS 1878
Albert R WATTS 19011903
Linda A I WATTS 1904
Oswald Reginald WATTS 19071978
Ivy Vera Annastatia WATTS 1909
William Roderick MACKENZIE
Edna Charles Wesley WATTS 1910
Arthur Frederick WATTS 1980
Mabel Emily WATTS 1914
Emily Elizabeth CHADWICK 1949
Wesley WATTS
Edith Catherine Amelia CHADWICK 18861964
John J LAW
Ethel A R “Ettie” CHADWICK 18881970
Cyril Percival PEARSON 19111940
Eric Ernest PEARSON 19111911
Sylvia M PEARSON 19121912
Nellie PEARSON 19121912
Lilly Mabel CHADWICK 18901973
Joseph Ernest PEARSON 18831961
Millie Fanny Matilda CHADWICK 18911954
Arthur WHITE
Anastasia Caroll ROSE 18501921
Frederick Walter CHADWICK 18521918
Ruth ROSE 1865
William ROSE
Elizabeth HARRIS 18281896
Anastasia CARROLL