Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

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Interactive tree of Elizabeth Clara Mary ELSE

Elizabeth Clara Mary ELSE 18821954
Charles Duncan McDONELL 18801964
Arthur Edward ELSE 18561928
Emma Tilney WYNTER 18561903
Arthur Thomas ELSE 1897
Catharine STREET 1881
Thomas Hutchison WYNTER 18191904
Emma TILNEY 18341914
Lieutenant William WYNTER 17861853
Elizabeth DUKE 17831869
Edward DUKE
Elizabeth HUNT
John Chamberlain TILNEY 1845
Mary DUKE 17921853
Jonathon TILNEY
Edward DUKE
Elizabeth HUNT
Alexander McDONELL 18341934
Jessie MATHESON 18371927
Donald McDONELL 18021874
Jane McPHEE 18011887
Catherine McINTOSH