Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

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Interactive tree of Francis James DE LORE

Francis James DE LORE 1878
Winifred Mary DE LORE 1879
John Thomas DE LORE 18811961
Frances Agnes De LORE 18831966
Henry William LYNDON 18831916
Wallace C SHADE
Daniel J DE LORE 18851904
Mary DE LORE 1889
William Edward DE LORE 18911945
Margaret J DE LORE 18941896
Bernard H DE LORE 1903
Francis James DE LORE 1925
Bridget DORNEY 18551944
Joseph DE LORE 18101879
Mary “Granny” KELEHER 18321908
Daniel DORNEY 18131900
Winifred McDERMOT 18331894