Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

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Interactive tree of Joseph WADE

Frederick Joseph WADE 18821958
Kenneth W MOORE 1908
James MOORE 1908
Ralph J MOORE 1914
Alice Maud Mary WADE 18841965
James Arthur MOORE 18711939
Eva Emily WADE 18861977
Samuel C WHITE
Ralph William WADE 18891963
Austin Richard WADE 18911964
Herbert Henry WADE 18941962
Maggie S WADE 1896
Frank G
Kenneth George WADE 18991977
Florence Amy WADE 19021968
Sylvester James WANN 18991962
Joseph WADE 18551903
Christiana COX 18631941
William WADE 18271907
Sarah NEWELL 18291916
William WADE
Charlotte TAYLOR
Anthony NEWELL
Thomas Benjamin COX 18321862
Mary Ann CORNISH 18321894
Benjamin Henry COX
Charlotte REES 18001851
Hannah PAGE