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Sylvester - Burgess and Martin - Sylvester

Sylvester - Burgess and Martin - Sylvester
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Title: Sylvester - Burgess and Martin - Sylvester

Emails - Barry Sylvester Citation details: 12 February 2012 Text:

The insert of the Photo of Thomas and Mary Sylvester [my grt Grandparents], you have on your site is an insert taken from a photo that I originally submitted to Ancestry. The photo had the correct details on it when and where the photo was taken. It was taken at Stockyard Creek on the 15.08.1906 on the day of the wedding of my grandparents.

The Photo is one of the greatest representations of the descendants of some of New South Wales earliest convicts. It includes the direct descendants of John Pendergast and his "wife" Jane Williams [both convicts] and their daughters Sara Jane and Bridget and their respective partners John Lynch and Patrick Reed [both convicts]. Thomas Hall [convict] his daughter Harriet Sylvester and her relationship with Robert Bigg[Convict] are represented by Thomas Sylvester[son of Harriet & Robert]. Charles Burgess [Convict] and his wife Jane[pictured] their daughter Evelyn marrying Thomas John Sylvester, Evelyn's sisters Alia and Alice and their respective husbands with the girls brothers Bertram and Charles "Dick" Burgess also present. Some of the grandchildren of the Thomas Sylvester and wife Mary [Reed] went on to marry into the descendants of Thomas Cagney and Edward Payne[convicts] [ Payne's Crossing NSW, named after Edward Payne]. William and Sarah Martin [Irish free settlers] from which the town of Martinsville, NSW takes its name are well represented. Their grandson William James Martin marrying Louise Sylvester. Their grand daughter Jessie Lynch [daughter of "Dinnie Martin" and Anne], the wife of Michael Lynch, grandson of Sarah and John Lynch. Also pictured are Robert Patrick Sylvester [the brother of Louise and Thomas John] his wife Grace Martin, [Grand daughter of William & Sarah; daughter of John J. and Mary Martin] and Robert and Grace' daughter Doris Sylvester. Also present are sisters of William, Helen and Rose Martin; brothers of Louise and Thomas, Leo V. Sylvester and his wife Mary [Slattery]; William J. & James A. Sylvester along with the Sylvesters only other sister Elizabeth [later McNamara]. The children are members of the Sternbeck and Fletcher families, Nephews and Neices of Evelyn Burgess. William Reed from Glenn Innes NSW, Nephew of Mary Sylvester. - In 1939 the daughter of Thomas and Evelyn Sylvester , Veronica Jane Sylvester, married "Cecil" Pointer, who's mother Sarah Ellen Martin was the sister of William James Martin. Writtten by Barry Sylvester, Grandson of Thomas John & Evelyn Sylvester.

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31Evelyn May BURGESS
28114Paynes Crossing, New South Wales, Australia5
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