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Australian Electoral Roll - 1930 - NSW - Hamilton - Gregory

Australian Electoral Roll - 1930 - NSW - Hamilton - Gregory
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Title: Australian Electoral Roll - 1930 - NSW - Hamilton - Gregory
Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Eva Wood GRANT
Eva Wood O'NEILL
about 1898122Wallsend, , New South Wales, Australia5about December 29, 19754477Newcastle, , New South Wales, Australia
April 17, 1899120Newcastle, , New South Wales, Australia2January 21, 19685168Swansea, , New South Wales, Australia
Harry Nicholson GREGORY
February 10, 1874145Newcastle, , New South Wales, Australia4November 1, 19407966Mayfield, , New South Wales, Australia
Norman Herbert GREGORY
July 18, 1907112Merewether, , New South Wales, Australia1January 18, 19625854Mayfield, , New South Wales, Australia
Victor William GREGORY
April 24, 1897122Merewether, , New South Wales, Australia5May 30, 19714874Anna Bay, , New South Wales, Australia
Annie PAGE
January 3, 1901119Islington, , New South Wales, Australia2March 27, 19704969Swansea, , New South Wales, Australia
Agnes Hynd WHITE
Agnes Hynd GREGORY
Agnes Hird GREGORY
1877143Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom4September 19, 19348557Adamstown, , New South Wales, Australia
Given names Surname Age Given names Surname Age Marriage Place Last change
Harry Nicholson GREGORY
23Agnes Hynd WHITE
Agnes Hird GREGORY
20122Merewether, , New South Wales, Australia4
23Annie PAGE
2197Wickham, , New South Wales, Australia2
Victor William GREGORY
19Eva Wood GRANT
about 1917
103Stockton, , New South Wales, Australia5