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Herbert WILSONAge: 66 years18701936

Herbert WILSON
Given names
Birth February 4, 1870 39 38
Marriage of a siblingHarry John WOODHEADMargaret Williamson WILSONView this family
1874 (Age 3 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherMargaret WILLIAMSON
September 4, 1875 (Age 5 years)
Marriage of a siblingWilliam MacDonald WILSONEmily Matilda HORTONView this family
December 19, 1877 (Age 7 years)
Marriage of a siblingJohn Frederick WILSONAmelia WILSONView this family
1883 (Age 12 years)

Marriage of a siblingEdwin WILSONAnnabella Rosa CAVELLView this family
1883 (Age 12 years)

EventMarriage Event registration number264 Registration year1883 Personal information Family nameCAVELL Given namesAnnabella Rosa SexFemale Spouse's family nameWILSON Spouse's given namesEdwin

Marriage of a siblingAlbert Edward WILSONAnn Elizabeth ABSALOMView this family
September 12, 1884 (Age 14 years)
Marriage of a siblingCharles WILSONGeorgina Avice ABSALOMView this family
February 25, 1892 (Age 22 years)

Death of a fatherJohn W Bowman WILSON
February 13, 1893 (Age 23 years)

This source has John dying in Moorooduc.

Death of a motherAgnes Eliza MacDONALD
January 15, 1894 (Age 23 years)

Source as Agnes dying in Moorooduc.

Marriage of a siblingArthur WILSONElizabeth SONNENBERGView this family
1895 (Age 24 years)

Death of a brotherCharles WILSON
June 14, 1896 (Age 26 years)

This source has his death occurring at Snapper Point, the old name for Mornington.

Marriage of a siblingJohn Henry WILSONEllen WILSONView this family
1898 (Age 27 years)


This source shows him marrying in 1998, which is clearly incorrect. I have judged this to be a typographical error and should be 1898.

Marriage of a siblingAlbert Edward WILSONFrances RYANView this family
December 5, 1899 (Age 29 years)
Death of a sisterMargaret Williamson WILSON
January 17, 1906 (Age 35 years)
Citation details: 10 June 2012

In part:

"Harry's wife Margaret was born on 14.03.1857 and died 17.01.1906"

Death of a brotherAlbert Edward WILSON
January 31, 1928 (Age 57 years)
Death June 2, 1936 (Age 66 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: January 8, 1851Glenorchy, Tasmania, Australia
14 months
elder sister
18 months
elder brother
19 months
elder brother
18 months
elder sister
Agnes Eliza WILSON
Birth: October 30, 1856 25 24Muddy Plains, Tasmania, Australia
Death: July 12, 1859Tarilta, Victoria, Australia
2 years
elder brother
2 years
elder brother
2 years
elder brother
23 months
elder sister
3 years
elder brother
2 years
Herbert WILSON
Birth: February 4, 1870 39 38Mornington, Victoria, Australia
Death: June 2, 1936Mornington, Victoria, Australia

SourceWeb Site - Bonnie William

This source shows him being born at Snapper Point, the old name for Mornington.

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