Mid North Coast Pioneers - Newcastle to Lismore and beyond

Preston Augustus Ker OAKESAge: 27 years18901918

Preston Augustus Ker OAKES
Given names
Preston Augustus Ker
Birth April 17, 1890 38 25
Citation details: 33296/1889 OAKES PRESTON A K HENRY A ANNA CASINO
Birth of a brotherHenry Campbell Ker OAKES
May 6, 1892 (Age 2 years)
Citation details: 19823/1892 OAKES HENRY C K HENRY A ANNA K LISMORE
Death of a paternal grandfatherAugustus John OAKES
December 20, 1893 (Age 3 years)
Citation details: 1894/C4441 Augustus John Oaks Henry Robert Oaks Harriet Macdonald
Birth of a brotherRichard Liester Ker OAKES
November 4, 1894 (Age 4 years)
Citation details: 1894/C12054 Richard Liester Ker Oakes Henry Augustus Anna Ker
Death of a maternal grandmotherMary Boucher CLARKE
about 1895 (Age 4 years)
Citation details: 1654/1895 KER MARY THOMAS UNKNOWN KEMPSEY
Birth of a sisterEva Grace Ker OAKES
April 8, 1897 (Age 6 years)
Citation details: 1897/C12137 Eva Grace Ker Oakes Henry Augustus Anna Kerr
Birth of a sisterAuburn Ker OAKES
October 18, 1899 (Age 9 years)
Citation details: 1900/C12559 Auburn Ker Oakes Henry Augustus Anna Ker
Birth of a sisterEden Ker OAKES
October 20, 1901 (Age 11 years)
Citation details: 1901/C12386 Eden Ker Oakes Henry Augustus Anna Ker
Birth of a brotherGordon Stanley Ker OAKES
March 26, 1904 (Age 13 years)
Citation details: 1904/C12255 Gordon Stanley Ker Oakes Henry Augustus Anna Ker
Birth of a sisterEileen Anna Ker OAKES
September 16, 1906 (Age 16 years)
Citation details: 1906/C11686 Eileen Anna Ker Oakes Henry Augustus Anna Ker
Marriage of a siblingCharles Samuel WYNTERMyra Ker OAKESView this family
about 1908 (Age 17 years)
Citation details: 1908/C1814 Wynter Charles Samuel Oakes Myra Ker
Death of a fatherHenry Augustus OAKES
December 20, 1910 (Age 20 years)
Citation details: 1910/C2612 Henry Augustus Oakes Augustus John Oakes Janet Johnston
Marriage of a siblingHenry Campbell Ker OAKESEmily Alice ELLIOTTView this family
about 1918 (Age 27 years)
Citation details: 12076/1918 OAKES HENRY C K ELIOTT EMILY A ARMIDALE
Death April 5, 1918 (Age 27 years)
Cause of death: Killed in action
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: August 19, 1883Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia
8 months
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
Alice May Ker OAKES
Birth: July 3, 1886 34 21Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
Death: January 19, 1971Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
4 years
Preston Augustus Ker OAKES
Birth: April 17, 1890 38 25Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
Death: April 5, 1918France
2 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
Auburn Ker OAKES
Birth: October 18, 1899 47 35Childers, Queensland, Australia
Death: May 8, 1961Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
2 years
younger sister
Eden Ker OAKES
Birth: October 20, 1901 49 37Childers, Queensland, Australia
Death: April 21, 1967Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
2 years
younger brother
Gordon Stanley Ker OAKES
Birth: March 26, 1904 52 39Childers, Queensland, Australia
Death: January 4, 1960Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
3 years
younger sister
Eileen Anna Ker OAKES
Birth: September 16, 1906 54 41Childers, Queensland, Australia
Death: May 13, 1995Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Citation details: 33296/1889 OAKES PRESTON A K HENRY A ANNA CASINO
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